How to build a high traffic blog without killing yourself

Tim Ferris is something of a phenomenon. He is the author of “The 4-hour Work Week” in which he reveals how to live an entirely different, personal lifestyle on just half a day of work each week. Now, in this video he shows how to create and run a blog that will attract plenty of readers.

This is a long video, by the way. You need almost an hour to watch it. But if you want to know how to blog and if you want an insight into how a successful blog operates, set aside that time and watch. You will not regret it.

Indeed, having watched several videos on blogging and heard dozens of different presentations, this one ranks head and shoulders above everything I have ever seen on blogging. Importantly, Tim Ferris gives away his philosophy about blogging. You’ll hear that he believes we exist in a world where we have more than one currency – dollars may be one currency, but as far as he is concerned so too, for instance, is authority or learning. One of his blog posts, he says, had over 2,000 comments and he reads every comment he gets. Why? Because to him those comments are part of his “learning currency”. For far too long the focus for blogging has been on how people can earn “money” from their blogs. But as this video presentation reveals, there is much, much more you can gain from blogging.

So, grab a coffee – and a notepad – and watch an inspiring presentation on “How to build a high traffic blog without killing yourself“.


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