Six months web hosting now free at 1&1

1&1 Internet Ltd,, a global leader amongst web hosts, today announced competitive new offers for its shared hosting packages and eCommerce solutions.  Until 31 October, 1&1 will offer the 1&1 Home hosting package and the 1&1 Home eShop package free for the first 6 months of a new contract.  Both products allow businesses and consumers alike to develop a unique online presence using dependable, affordable web solutions.

With a new 12-month minimum contract, the 1&1 Home shared hosting package is free for the first 6 months and priced at £4.99/month+VAT thereafter with a one-time set-up fee of £4.99.  Customers can also choose the Microsoft Windows platform to best suit their needs or skill level, with the 1&1 MS Home package also free for the first 6 months and priced at £5.99/month+VAT thereafter with a one-time set-up fee of £4.99.

In addition to 10 GB of web space, the 1&1 Home and 1&1 MS Home hosting packages also boast 1 inclusive .uk domain, 1&1 WebsiteBuilder, 1 database, 1&1 Dynamic Content, 1&1 Online Office and unlimited website traffic.  Customers currently also receive the professional web design software, NetObjects Fusion 1&1 Edition, (Windows OS only), ideal for optimising websites for viewing on mobile devices.

The 1&1 Home eShop (suitable for up to 100 items) is also offered with 6 months free on a new 12-month minimum contract term, then priced at £4.99/month+VAT with a one-time set up fee of £4.99.  This highly effective eCommerce solution is well placed to serve small- to medium-sized businesses and private users in need of an economical yet effective retail business platform.  Standard features include eBay integration, Shop Designer, Payment Shipping and order management modules with Kelkoo product search.  The 6 months free special offer pricing also applies to new customers who combine the 1&1 Home web hosting package with a 1&1 Home eShop.

For more information on 1&1 hosting visit the website at


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