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Google Adwords screenshot

Should you stop advertising on Google?

Google is in trouble. An investigation by The Times newspaper has triggered dozens of brands to abandon advertising on Google. Should you follow suit?

Daily Mail

Interviewed for an article about the psychology of writing emails.

The Workshop Book

The Workshop Book is an excellent and practical guide for designing and running successful workshops.

Press Association

Interviewed by PA for an article on the psychology of Twitter abuse.

YouTube on a laptop

Online video is a waste of your time

People spend hours only watching short snippets of online video and not getting the complete story. That wastes their time and yours if you produce video.

Stopwatch on white computer keyboard

Is your business ready for being instant?

Retailers are moving ever closer to instant delivery. This is making the need for instant gratification even more important. Is your business ready for that?

Elle Magazine

Provided answers for article on online dating

Press Association

Helped the Press Association with an article about memory.