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    • I've asked the software company to look into this Peter – there is a degree of admission it is confusing, but rather like many other email as web page solutions, the link will remain in both versions and can't be removed. However, they have said they will get the engineers to consider the suggestion as they revamp the software. I'll also look at the link I am using and maybe make the wording more suitable in some way.

  1. Hi Graham

    Excellent article about writing for websites. Something else which needs to be taken into account are all those professionals and entrepreneurs who are dyslexic. They are always very bright and creative individuals who see the world through images and pictures rather than heaps of words.

    I have just launched a new businesses named Dyslexia Is The Business with a dyslexia specialist and while this is certainly not the forum in which to promote the company I would like to encourage everyone to be aware that the amount of white space on their websites, certainly the number of words, and sometimes even the colours will make your website more or less appealing to the literally millions of dyslexic business people out there – without even counting the number of customers we could all have who are dyslexic.

    Thanks for making the fact that writing for websites is very different from any other medium.

    • Hi Gillian

      Thank you for your kind comment and for letting me know about your new business. You raise an interesting issue about people with dyslexia and the way they interact with websites. This is an issue I will write about at some stage because some technologies appear to be helping according to some initial studies – ebook readers, for instance, without back lights, have improved contrast issues which help some kinds of dyslexia. It is an important topic because, as you point out, many people with dyslexia could be interacting with our websites, so we need to be sure to serve them well.


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