Content Strategy and Planning Service

Every business online needs content. And the research shows you need this content to be fresh and regularly updated – and for that you need a content strategy. How do you provide this constant demand for increased content? Do you take staff away from productive work? Do you raise your costs by employing people as writers? Do you hire in services from freelancers?

And even if you do work out what to do, you are left with the issue of what on earth do they write about? What content should you be producing? Where will you get your ideas from?

For businesses who have rarely had to think about producing editorial content this can all be an issue. So, companies often decide to “think about it later”. The problem is by the time they get to “later” it is too late because the competition is way ahead in the online content race.

You need a content strategy now

I will work with your business to devise a content strategy which works in your particular circumstances. With my content strategy and planning service you will receive:

  • A complete strategic direction showing you what content you need to produce and why
  • A staff and resource analysis to show who should produce your content
  • A plan for how your content should be produced and added to your website
  • An editorial calendar showing you what subjects to write about and when
  • A keyword analysis to ensure your writers use the right words

How does it work?

  • I will talk with you and your key members of staff to analyse the current situation
  • I then analyse your website and your competition
  • A keyword analysis is produced
  • An editorial calendar is constructed
  • You then get to read my report on what you should be doing, when you should be doing it, the keywords you should be using and why

The costs of a content strategy

A content strategy and blog plan costs from £497 + VAT

Where can I find out more?

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