Telephone Consultancy

Telephone Consultancy To Boost Your Web Business

For some people it is difficult to see me face-to-face. They may be miles from where I can easily see them – in another country perhaps. For these individuals I offer a Telephone Consultancy Service.

What you get from telephone consultancy
When you use me as your consultant on the phone I will provide you with the following:

  • How to boost your website success using psychological principles
  • How to avoid business mistakes, thanks to almost three decades of success in business
  • Connections and leads from my wide range of contacts collected over the years
  • What you need to do next to improve your online business and achieve your goals
  • Answers to any question you have about taking your online business forward – if I can’t answer it I’ll recommend someone who can
  • A shoulder to cry on when things are not going as well as you would like – I am a psychologist after all…!

The telephone consultancy service
Obviously, because we do not physically meet there are some limitations with telephone consultancy. I can’t physically show you documents or be as interactive. Also, because we are not chatting over a coffee in the same room it means meetings cannot generally be so long. Typically, telephone consultancy sessions last 45-minutes.

The telephone consultancy process
We agree a date and time for the calls – though obviously this can be altered to suit changing diaries. You can check availability in my online diary. You are given a special telephone number to call. Each call is automatically recorded and you will get a download link so you can replay the calls should you wish to check on anything. During the call, I will answer your questions, challenge your thinking and give you my suggestions for future actions.

How much does a one-off telephone consultancy call cost?
Each call, for just 45-minutes of my time is charged at £97 + VAT.

What do people say about me?
Here are some comments people have made about me which you might find useful.

Graham is one of those rare people you can always rely on. He is an expert in his field and when he advises me on all aspects of social media and web-based ‘stuff’ he always adds value. Oh, and by way of a bonus, he is one of the nicest guys around.
Will Kintish

Graham is an expert in his field who has provided us with a consistently high level of service and helped us to exceed our own expectations of what is possible. We strongly recommend him to others.
John Gloster-Smith

Graham has extensive expert knowledge of internet psychology, marketing, internet behaviour and was a big help to my company. He is result oriented, likes to share his broad knowledge and I would definitely recommend him to everyone who is unsure about their business branding and positioning.
Jana Green

Graham Jones knows more about internet marketing than anyone else I have ever met. He is a deep thinker, who can help you to make more money and attract a greater market share. Hire him as your consultant or ask him to deliver a talk to your team. Highly recommended!
Nigel Temple