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CEO Seminar

In this series of CEO and Executive Leadership Seminars I take business leaders and owners through several steps in ensuring that their companies and organisations capitalise on the Internet. Using the processes outlined in these masterclasses, CEOs and senior executives can be sure that their organisation’s online presence will become more profitable. Plus these seminars demonstrate how to increase sales through the Internet at the same time as reducing overall web costs.

Web Success
This masterclass starts the series by demonstrating the online opportunities for the businesses present in the room at the masterclass. Using live, practical examples, this workshop shows how a radically different approach to the use of the Internet can significantly increase the opportunities for every organisation. Click here for more details.

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Social Profits
The Internet is awash with social media, but most businesses are merely “doing” social media with little or no profit resulting from the activity. Equally, firms which are engaging in social media are often wasting resources and diverting productive staff time to unnecessary and potentially wasteful activities. This workshop reveals the ways in which online social activity can help companies increase sales by improving relationships and by discovering customers who want to buy what a firm offers. Click here for more details.

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Never-Ending Website Content
To succeed online businesses need to be producing content – articles, videos, graphics, sound – on a daily basis. But how can you do that without running out of ideas, without reducing quality and without impacting on productivity? This workshop provides a complete system to enable companies to produce vast amounts of web content without affecting productivity and without reducing quality. At the same time, this workshop demonstrates that the system will also help create more sales leads and thereby lead to more profits. Click here for more details.

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Sales Psychology
People only buy from a business if they have made a decision to trust that company and that their products and services will enhance their being in some way. This workshop explores the selling and buying process from a psychological perspective and provides ways in which companies can increase sales by doing the right things to engage the buyer’s brain better. In addition, this masterclass shows the differences between selling in the “real world” and online, providing a range of methods to enhance online sales using psychological techniques. Click here for more details.

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