LinkedIn Workshop

Learning to Love LinkedIn

LinkedIn Logo on Chocolate WrappersLinkedIn is packed with immense power – but are you using that power to your advantage? This workshop will help you use LinkedIn more effectively and in ways that may surprise you.

Here’s what this workshop will cover:

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  • Understanding how LinkedIn works
  • Creating a killer profile on LinkedIn
  • Uncovering the ways in which LinkedIn connects people
  • Finding out about LinkedIn’s hidden secrets
  • Using LinkedIn to boost your credibility and authority
  • Discovering how LinkedIn can be used for research
  • How to market your business using LinkedIn

There are many more things which will be covered in this workshop but they are down to YOU….! Yes, that’s right, I want you to tell me what you already know about LinkedIn and what you would like to cover during the workshop. In this way I can tailor-make the workshop to your specific requirements.

Please fill in the form below to ensure that the workshop covers what you want.


Graham Jones

Graham Jones

LinkedIn Workshop

Please fill in this form to let me know anything specific you would like me to talk about or any questions you want answered.
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