Never-Ending Website Content – CEO Masterclass

CEO Masterclass

How to ensure a never-ending supply of website content for your business

Website Content

This workshop provides your members with the ability to produce website or blog content easily, quickly and cost-effectively – and to always have plenty of content ideas

Content is King…! Online, the more content your business has and the more frequently you update that content the better you will do in search engines and on social networks. Static websites just don’t work any more. Nowadays, unless you are updating your website multiple times a week you are a nobody…! And search engines are showing how “out of date” your web pages are by posting the date of publication at the start of each listing. People looking at search results will want to see up-to-date content, not stuff from years ago – indeed, months ago is now seen as “old” online.

Businesses are under increasing pressure to frequently add content to their own website and to other sites too. But how can you do that without spending too much time or taking staff away from their real jobs? How can you produce the vast amount of content you need without spending a fortune on writers? And how can you come up with enough ideas to get all this content produced in the first place?

This masterclass helps you answer all these questions. The three-hour session will ensure that delegates go away with:

  • A clear vision as to how content production can fit within their organisation
  • A system which will save time and money on content production
  • A method to integrate content production into an existing business

These can be achieved because the masterclass will provide:

  • A focused strategy for in-house content production
  • An editorial scheduling system to allow for effective time management
  • A method for producing a constant flow of content ideas
  • An outline plan for an entire year’s worth of content

Delegates will leave this workshop with a much better idea of how they can easily produce fresh content quickly, easily and with minimal impact on productivity. In addition, this masterclass will provide a basis for generating new business as a result of regular, frequent, fresh content.


For CEO Groups and Executive Leadership Groups there is an additional session which will provide individual delegates with a personalised content plan for their business. During the afternoon “issues sessions” at CEO Group meetings, Graham Jones will be available in a separate room or in the coffee lounge for 30-minute, one-to-one, “surgery” style sessions with individual delegates. They can “pop out” of the issues session for a short while and get a personalised content strategy during this half-hour consultancy. Up to six people can be seen during this additional afternoon session.


The masterclass itself is charged at £1,200 + VAT. The afternoon “surgery” session is charged at an additional £600 + VAT.

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