Sales Psychology – CEO Masterclass

CEO Masterclass

Sales Psychology: Profit by understanding the mind of the customer

Sales Psychology - CEO Workshop

This workshop provides your members with a complete set of psychological methods to create trust and thereby improve sales – online and offline.

Why do people buy from your business? What makes them want to buy more? If you can answer those questions you are on track to making more money. This workshop uncovers the psychological principles of the buyer-seller relationship and shows you how to get inside the mind of the purchaser and make them want to buy…! In addition, this masterclass also shows the differences between “real world” buying and online purchasing, providing you with a range of techniques to improve sales using psychological methods.

Session 1
Trust is the fundamental – but how do you create it?

This session shows that trust is the cornerstone of successful sales. But what exactly is trust and how do you create it? And how do you know that the buyer trusts you? In this session you’ll discover the fundamental foundation of getting customers to trust you. Using “live examples” from within the room this session will also explore ways in which companies can increase the signals they are trustworthy.

Session 2
Practical psychological sales techniques

This session looks at the ways in which a business can use psychological techniques to sell more. Using examples from within the room, this session will explore methods which will increase the likelihood of people buying from your firm.

Session 3
Real world versus online selling

In this session the differences between the real world and the online world are explored. Several methods of increasing sales online or generating more business leads are explored including the use of language on a website to increase buying behaviour.


For CEO Groups and Executive Leadership Groups there is an additional session which will provide individual delegates with a personalised sales psychology plan for their business. During the afternoon “issues sessions” at CEO Group meetings, Graham Jones will be available in a separate room or in the coffee lounge for 30-minute, one-to-one, “surgery” style sessions with individual delegates. They can “pop out” of the issues session for a short while and get a personalised consultancy session to help improve sales during this half-hour consultancy. Up to six people can be seen during this additional afternoon session.


The masterclass itself is charged at £1,200 + VAT. The afternoon “surgery” session is charged at an additional £600 + VAT.

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