Speaking Testimonials

Comments from people who have heard me speak at workshops and conferences

It was rather like watching an excellent film in that the time just flew by – not something I can recall saying about any other speaker in my 10 years of involvement with Academy speakers.
William Waddington, Academy for Chief Executives

Simply the best talk on social media I have ever heard.
Simon Bucknall, Business Director, Junior Chambers International

Graham has now spoken three times for our leadership development groups at Business Leaders Groups. Each time the audience of CEOs, MDs and Senior Managers has been fascinated by the ideas and revelations about the way people use the Internet. They learnt how their approach should be modified to increase their RoI on their web activities. I strongly recommend Graham as a speaker to this type of audience. Wonderful stuff!
Graham Speechley, Business Leaders Group

There are only a very small handful of people who really impress me with their knowledge and understanding of the Internet. Graham Jones is on that list – at the top. His ability to explain how people use the Internet – and thus how business owners can benefit, is second to none. Highly, highly recommended.
Philip Calvert, IFALife Conference

Graham has the highest level of expertise in this area and it was very clear to everyone that if they make the changes he described they could achieve real impact on their customers and potential customers. The structure of the session also worked brilliantly with him looking at members’ actual websites in the second half and showing how they could make significant improvement.
Tim Anderson, Academy for Chief Executives

Graham is a fantastic person to work with, a clear thinker, someone you can always rely on, and with the uncanny ability to make the seemingly impossible happen! However you employ his services you are getting a true professional.
Sara Beth Roper, Meetings Architect, Positive Ground

Graham Jones is an expert on social media in general and Twitter in particular. He explains the subject in simple terms with practical examples and anecdotes. He is engaging and entertaining and always gets very high feedback when he speaks at our events. He will be speaking at most of our venues again this year.
Dave Clarke, CEO NRG Networks

A very thought provoking session taking a psychological view of the web and how we need to completely rethink our business model when looking at how best to exploit the opportunity of the web.
Gary Boyce, Academy for Chief Executives

Graham presented at the Yes Group last night. It was a spellbinding evening full of his trademark stories and humour. He is a true professional who has distilled the essence of what it really means to communicate a message to an audience. It was engaging and thought-provoking from the start, breaking down the confusing and technical topic of using the Internet for success into a real, solid understanding. He created confidence in the audience and gave them clear action plans on how they could implement the ideas. The Yes Group audience said it was one of the most powerful topics they’d had delivered and Graham’s message would give a tangible, lasting benefit to their lives and businesses.
The Yes Group

I have had the opportunity to hear Graham speak in a variety of settings and he has superb ability to connect instantly with different kinds of audiences – and give them highly useful information in an easy to absorb manner. He’s especially good at explaining potentially daunting aspects of the Internet world and putting them in ways that make sense to audiences with less technical understanding than he has. Graham is a natural story teller who gives audiences fantastic content and high entertainment value at the same time.
Michael Dodd, Director, Michael Dodd Media

As a speaker he is an impressive person to watch who makes it look annoyingly easy. Calm, relaxed and generally understated, he makes his points extremely well and on the occasions I have seem him deliver always gives great value in an entertaining an enjoyable way. I have also had the privilege of being able to directly tap into his Internet psychology and marketing knowledge and have gained tremendously from the experience. He not only knows his talk but he walks the walk too and I’d recommend any business serious about capitalising on the opportunities on the Internet to listen to what he has to say.
Michael Tipper, Director of Training, Positively Mad

Expert is an over-used term these days but in Graham’s case the mantle is truly deserved. Not only does he have an encyclopedic knowledge of leading edge Internet marketing technologies but he backs it up with strategies that draw on his extensive experience in PR and psychology to provide you with a workable plan. If you want to get more from your online marketing efforts then it pays to hear what Graham has to say. Read his blog. See him speak. Hire him. It will make a difference to your online results.
Joe Gregory, Publisher

Definitely hit the spot with most participants rethinking their websites and social media strategies – including those who are in the web design business!
Jane Hunt, Academy for Chief Executives

I’ve seen Graham present many times over the past 10 years and I am always amazed at how much I learn from each of his sessions. High content, valuable advice, practical tips, all delivered in a warm and entertaining fashion – I couldn’t want for more. And, neither could you! I thoroughly recommend him.
Dr Deborah Swallow

Graham is a breath of fresh air in the world of the net and cyber-psychology. An engaging speaker that uses profound knowledge, astute insight, humour and integrity to deliver his message on social media …. and more.
David Hyner, Managing Director, Stretch Development

Graham is a great speaker who’s talks are not only entertaining, they’re packed with valuable content. He’s also a lovely man and a pleasure to work with.
Jeremy Nicholas, MC