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I hope you are having a relaxing Easter break. We all have a few days break now where you can either put your feet up, or tend to those business activities which you have been meaning to do for ages but haven't had the time. The phone isn't going to ring for a few days now, so you have the chance. I'm taking the opportunity to relax, rather than catch up with work. As you read this I am down in sunny Devon on a "Rugby Tour" with my son Elliot and his team. Tonight we shall be having pitch-side pizzas after a day of team bonding and seaside fun. No doubt the team's antics will give me something to write about next week. So watch this space....!

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How Can I Generate More Business Leads?

The other day I was in a meeting with a client when he scratched his head and looked at me in a puzzled kind of way. "I wish I knew how to generate more business leads," he said. As luck would have it, I had just published an infographic on that very topic, so I was able to chat to him in a more informed way.

The research behind the infographic found what we have all known for years - that you generate most sales from the people you already sell to. Rather than developing new leads, we'd all be better off if we spent more time generating new sales from existing leads.

However, there is only so much business you can generate this way. Whatever you manage to sell to existing clients, you will always need new customers. But how do you get them?

These days it is all too easy to think that we should use the likes of LinkedIn or social media to find new leads. Yet, the research shows these methods appear to be less successful than many others. Indeed, going on the radio appears to get more business than using LinkedIn.

The study that formed the basis for the infographic found that tradeshows and exhibitions were still very good ways of generating new leads. But look too at the digital methods of lead generation. Top of the shop there was email marketing and newsletters. Only recently I wrote a blog post confirming - yet again - that email marketing is still the best method of generating sales online.

Sure, LinkedIn, Twitter, online video and search marketing can all bring you leads as part of your marketing mix. But all the research data points towards one thing as being the most important - email marketing and electronic newsletters.

If we want to generate more business leads we need to put more effort into our email marketing.


Put gaps in your diary

Last weekend I was at the Spring Convention of the Professional Speaking Association. It was a busy couple of days which were long and thought-provoking. However, when I got back home I was straight into marking essays and writing articles to meet deadlines, which meant I didn't get time to think about what I had learned at the PSA event. It also meant that I hadn't been able to take a bit of a break and so I ended up rather tired a couple of days later. It was the kick up the rear end that I needed. Whenever I have been to an event I need to block out time in my diary to give me space to think and recover. How often do we go to meetings and conferences or even listen to online webinars, only to crack straight back on with work? It means that we cannot process what we have learned. We need gaps in our diaries after any kind of meeting or event so that we can deal with what happened or what we thought about.

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Email Persuasion: Captivate and Engage Your Audience

This book is by Ian Brodie, an acknowledged expert in email marketing who has helped hundreds of businesses to dramatically change the way they use email to generate new business. The book takes you through all the processes from building a list to writing engaging messages and the technological choices you can make. Written in an engaging and easy-to-read style, Email Persuasion, will help you use email marketing in more productive ways to generate new leads and more business. I particularly liked the "writing emails in reverse" tip which shows you how to generate interesting material. I have got several books on email marketing, but this is the one that approaches the subject in the most down-to-earth and practical, real-world manner. You need this book to help you boost your email marketing lead generation.


This week saw my first contribution on the highly popular blog, Smart Insights. This is one of the most popular marketing blogs online and you can read my insights into online prices here.

Well, Subscriber, that's it for another week. Don't forget if you want to book me to help you, check out the Consultancy and Speaking Services I offer. Or if you want to buy books and CDs, go to my product site. And for business owners there is always my Seminar Series to find out about.

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