Blogging for fun and profit

By Frank Furness

Blogs are a great way to get your message across on the Internet and have it published almost immediately. It is the ideal way to provide information, education and if done well, can create wealth and multiple sources of income for you.

For your blog to be effective you need to ensure that it either solves someone’s problems, removes their pain or increases their pleasure. To me, it is the perfect online selling tool that will drive business, leads and sales. I have found that the best way of having an effective blog is to make it conversational, interesting with valuable content, but also engaging and involving the reader.

As a businessperson or SME it has many practical applications in that it will:

  • Increase targeted traffic to your site
  • Boost your search engine rankings
  • Build rapport for increased sales
  • Increase the lifetime value of clients
  • Prove your expertise
  • Compliment your newsletter
  • Generate press coverage

There are many  differences between websites and blogs:

  • No need for a webmaster for updates
  • Publish directly from your computer
  • Content changes instantly
  • No complex uploading
  • Dont need knowledge of HTML
  • Automatic archives
  • Customer interaction
  • Instant syndication

Another effective technique that I use is when commenting on other peoples blogs, I add a link back to my website as well as  a keyword or phrase I want to rank in the search engines. With high ranking sites, I will quickly get targeted referral traffic.

The most popular sites to host blogs are and

Once you have created your blog, it will be published almost immediately.

I would suggest that you also submit you blog to the directories. Some of the more popular directories to submit your blog to for a free one way backlink include.:

So don’t wait, whatever your hobby, business or passion, share your stories with the online world. Take a look at my blog at

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