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Graham Jones is a successful author

Graham is the author of more than 30 books, most of which are about some aspect of the Internet. His first book about the Internet was called “How to use the Internet” and was published in 1996. Since then he has written another dozen or more books about various aspects of the Internet.

Click.ology: What works in online shopping

Click.ology is packed with tips, guidance and real-world case studies about the world of online shopping. From online niche stores Bellabox and Facetache to the universal appeal of Groupon, and from offline discount stores Dollar Tree and Poundland to the luxury Selfridges this book reveals:

  • Why most online shopping carts are abandoned before a purchase is ever made
  • Why having a centrally positioned “search box” aids navigation and increases sales
  • Why offering free shipping online pays off
  • Why it makes sense to be sociable

This book also reveals the “why” of consumer behaviour online, how it differs from offline behaviour, and how you can use this understanding to create a store that connects with and engages your customers on both a practical and a psychological level – a store that demonstrates true click.ology.

Using an accessible five-step CLICK system for turning clicks into dollars, the book shows how to learn from the experience of both on- and offline, and apply lessons to both. Whether you’re running a small business website or that of a big corporation, whether you’re operating purely online or offline too, Click.ology shows how you can thrive in a dynamic retail world.

Published by: Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Sales Genius: 40 insights from the science of selling

So much of what you have been told about selling is wrong.

Too many theories, not enough real-world evidence. Sales Genius cuts through the nice to bring you proven research from around the world that you can use to sell more effectively.

Until now you had to do an MBA to discover what great selling really looks like. Sales Genius is a fast-track MBA for the rest of us. There are 40 chapters based on hundreds of cutting-edge business and psychological research projects which reveal what works and what doesn’t work in sales.

Quick to read and intensely practical, this book will bring a little genius into your day.

Published by: Hodder & Stoughton – John Murray Learning

Graham Jones accepts writing commissions

If you are a publisher with an idea for a book about the Internet but don’t have an idea as to who can write it, look no further…! You can commission me to write the book for you. As a former evening newspaper reporter I know how to write quickly, so if that idea has been lurking for a while, you can be sure I will research and write it rapidly.

Here’s what you get from me if you are a publisher looking for a writer:

  • Rapid turn-around – I can write very quickly and maintain quality. One of my books took just a week…! MInd you it was only 30,000 words, so it was short, but that’s what the publisher wanted.
  • Solid research to back the book – I am an academic and have access to two university libraries
  • Award-winning writing ability – I have been writing professionally for more than 35 years. My books have been top-sellers and I even won an award for my journalism. I have contributed to hundreds of magazines, I have written for almost every national newspaper and I have produced a wide variety of “in-house” publications for major corporations. I know how to write…!
  • Significant marketing capability – I have 8,000 Twitter followers, 2,700 followers on LinkedIn and another 1,500 on Facebook. Plus, as a professional speaker I am in front of audiences every week.
  • Excellent PR support – I am already a regular contributor for broadcasters and for newspapers and magazines. I know how to “plug” books – I have been doing it for years.

If you would like me to write for you call me now on 0118 336 9710 or complete the form below.