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I have a straightforward privacy policy

1. If you give me your contact details I will not pass them on to anyone else, unless you ask me to, or unless I ask you first. For instance, I might need to pass on your contact details to someone who is helping me organise a workshop at your company.

2. I don’t sell or rent my mailing lists to anyone.

3. Your visit to my web site will have been logged, though no personal data has been collected about you.

4. If you contact me I may retain your contact details. I am registered in the UK under the Data Protection Acts, registration number Z6766228.

5. I may use the contact details you provide to keep in touch with you, or provide you with offers I think relevant to you.

6. You can delete yourself from my mailing list at any time; instructions are included in emails sent to you.

7. My mailing list data is stored securely on my own computers in the UK and on my mailing provider’s (Mailchimp) servers.



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