Notable media appearances

This is a listing of the newspapers, magazines and radio and TV programmes which have interviewed me about various aspects of the Internet.

Daily Telegraph

Interviewed by the Daily Telegraph for an article about elite online dating agencies

Daily Express

Interviewed for a feature in the Daily Express about the choice of colours for buying cars

Daily Mail

Interviewed for an article on the psychology of the phenomenon of “catfishing” online

Daily Record

Interviewed about the 25th anniversary of the text message

Talk Radio Europe

Interviewed for Talk Radio Europe’s morning show about the psychology of the “Blue Whale” social networking “game”

Daily Mail

Interviewed for an article about the psychology of writing emails.

Press Association

Interviewed by PA for an article on the psychology of Twitter abuse.

Elle Magazine

Provided answers for article on online dating

Press Association

Helped the Press Association with an article about memory.

Sunday Herald

Interviewed for an article about social media.

Talk Radio Europe

Interviewed on the drivetime show on Talk Radio Europe about how people shop online

The Times

Just been interviewed by The Times for an article about human interaction with artificial intelligence.

The Times

Interviewed by The Times for an article about the current craze for people dressing as clowns

The Sunday Post

Interview by The Sunday Post in Dundee for an article about the popularity of YouTubers and the Marina Joyce “incident”.

BBC London

Interview on BBC London about social media morals.


Just been on LBC talking to Shelagh Fogarty about social media

BBC Hereford and Worcester

Just recorded an interview with Malcolm Boyden of BBC Hereford and Worcester talking about the “Be Like Bill” Facebook campaign.

Women’s Health

Interview for women’s health magazine on the popularity of health bloggers.

Graham Jones has appeared in these media

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