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Consultancy Services

Your business has to compete with millions of distractions online, for an audience that has lower attention spans than just five years ago. How can you gain attention, keep people on your website and make them want to do business with you?

The answer to that is through understanding the online behaviour of your customers and potential clients.

With insight into online behaviour your business can:

  • Attract more website visitors
  • Convince people to stay longer on your website
  • Persuade visitors to want to buy from you

In one recent study of 400 major international businesses, understanding customer psychology was rated as the most important aspect of marketing in the 21st Century.

How consultancy can help your online success

My consultancy service can provide your business with knowledge, expertise and guidance so that you can concentrate on improving your profits.

I will

  • Assess your existing online presence
  • Analyse the behaviour of your clients and customers
  • Help you plan and implement any changes necessary

I will work with you and your team, providing you with the latest knowledge and findings of online behaviour and helping you apply them in your specific circumstances. Ultimately, the aim of my consultancy service is to help your business generate greater profits from better use of the Internet.

You can start the process right now by calling me on 0118 336 9710.

Click.ology is one of my most popular books. It takes you through the five-step programme that I use in my consultancy work. The book shows that you need to consider five key psychological principles to make sure your online business achieves success.


In consultancy sessions I will guide you through these five steps to help you make sure that your business achieves greater success and higher profits.

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