Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist

Graham Jones

Internet Psychologist

Getting to grips with online behaviour is one of the most significant needs in modern businesses. Here you can find out the latest information on how people behave online. With the help of Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist, you will improve the way you use the Internet in your business and get the maximum benefits from the latest knowledge in web psychology.

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Man looing forward
Internet Psychology

Do you look to the future too much?

It has been a strange week in the UK world of politics. A blast from the past – the former Prime Minister, David Cameron – was brought back into government as, apparently, he represents the future. If you caught the news, you could have been forgiven for thinking that they

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Decision making
Internet Psychology

Do you make really good decisions quickly and easily?

Over the past few days, the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has had to make a decision. Should he dismiss his Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, for straying outside her Government role? Or should he keep her in her post? Over several days, he was given “advice” from various politicians and

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brick wall showing limitations
Internet Psychology

Do you really know your own limitations?

The UK Covid Enquiry is a serious matter, but this week it has been grabbing the headlines with some fun facts. It turns out that the former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, thought you could get rid of the virus by blowing air from a hairdryer up your nose. Meanwhile, his

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Specific support and advice to help your business understand what it needs to do to make the most of the Internet. Most consultancy projects revolve around increasing profitability as a result of the web.


Keynote speaking, seminars, and break-out sessions at conferences and in-house events. Whether you are a conference organiser or a company meeting planner, there's a speaking session for you from Graham.


Graham is a prolific author and wrote one of the first books about the Internet. His articles are published widely and he contributes to several online publications as well as his own blog and newsletter.


Graham is an academic lecturing at two universities in addition to being a visiting lecturer at other institutions. If you need an academic who can lecture about the impact of the Internet, then contact Graham.


Whether you are a senior executive in a company or your run your own business, Graham can help guide you through the Internet maze. Many people opt for Graham's help in online productivity.


Graham runs public and in-house masterclasses in a range of topics about the Internet. These are intensive sessions designed to ensure your or your team makes the most of the Internet using psychology.

What people say about Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist

An invaluable help to anyone involved in online marketing. If you get the chance to see Graham speak, take it. He is outstanding.

Nick Keith

Managing Director, Life Magazines

Graham demystified the whole process of using the Internet and getting our message across to our customers.

Phil Baker

Bakers Coaches

Graham Jones really opens your eyes to the way to go about using the Internet to further your business.

Kevin Croker

Lloyds British Testing

Really enlightening and informative with some great tools to take back to my work place and use immediately.

Shirley Davies 

Westlea Housing

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