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Lady Thatcher

Lady Thatcher gave you the Internet

Baroness Margaret Thatcher will be remembered in totally different ways. Some people believe she was tremendous and delivered the massive change this country needed. Others believe she led to division and the smashing up of industries and associated communities. If you have been watching the myriad of TV tributes over the past day, you will […]

Leveson Inquiry Report

Leveson has wasted his time

Leveson inquiry report ignores new media and shows how the political world is focused on the wrong issues, just like many business owners

Does the web unite or divide?

The Internet unites people separately

The dream of Sir Tim Berners-Lee is to have a World Wide Web that is “free and open” and which extends its “benefits to all people on the planet”. It is a dream which means everyone benefits from being connected, learning from each other and sharing in that new-found knowledge. A natural extension of such […]

Remembrance sunday poppy

Be proud of the rubbish and the nastiness you see on the internet

Everywhere you look online you will be reminded of nastiness, crime and downright evil. Whether it is a simple as a spam email, as complex as identity theft or as horrible as Internet trolling, you can’t avoid the negative aspects of the online world. There are rumours on Twitter, nasty postings on Facebook and websites […]

Can we learn from Hackergate?

The Prime Minister David Cameron is busy today answering questions from politicians trying to score points against him. His problem is he employed Andy Coulson, a former editor of the News of the World – the newspaper which illegally hacked into phones, paid the police for information and brought the reputation of three major institutions (press, police and […]

HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edniburgh 90 Today: By Flickr user Steve Punter derivative work: Andibrunt via Wikimedia Commons

Prince Philip reminds us of the internet

Prince Philip, the Duke Of Edinburgh is 90 today – Happy Birthday old chap. In a much-publicised interview with the BBC’s Fiona Bruce he was brusque, pompous and downright rude. He won’t care I said that because, as he admitted in the interview he simply does not care what we think about him. His Royal […]

Ryan Giggs

Break the rules online and people will respect you

So, now you know – it was Ryan Giggs after all…! Oh – you already knew that. Drat! I thought I was giving you some “news”. If you have been using Twitter for the last couple of weeks you can’t have avoided the name of the footballer with the super-injunction – which is still in […]

One penny saving in budget

Internet marketers make massive mistake

So, were you a winner or a loser in yesterday’s Budget? Chancellor George Osborne claimed to be delivering growth and jobs to the UK. Meanwhile, Labour Leader Ed Miliband said it was a “Del Boy” Budget. There was inevitably plenty of detail, but all the coverage was about a single penny – the 1p “reduction” […]