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Social media bias is like following sheep

Is there a hidden bias in social media that is harming your business?

Social media bias is well-known. The concept of “echo chambers” has been discussed widely in politics, for instance. However, the issue of bias on brand pages is also an issue. New research shows that brands are getting a biased view of their business if they use social media.

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Will you follow Wetherspoon? Not any more – you can’t

Wetherspoon has shut down all it social media activity with immediate effect. Is this sensible? Is it a publicity stunt? Or is it the start of a trend where businesses re-evaluate social media and find it lacking?

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Are hashtags dead? The problems with using a #hashtag

Hashtags are highly popular yet most are, frankly, useless. Some appear to be able to garner huge support, such as #metoo, but others fade into obscurity. Hashtags also polarise and change behaviour. So they might not be as valuable as we think.

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What now for the business use of Facebook?

Facebook is under fire from all directions. Business investors are losing confidence. Governments are threatening legislation. Users are engaging less. We could be witnessing the beginning of the end of Facebook. Or we could be watching the emergence of a new style social network. Either way, there are huge implications.

A victim of cyberbullying

Do you know your ABC from your LBC? You should

The broadcaster Nick Ferrari has launched a campaign on the radio station LBC to improve the education of children about online bullying. Here’s why you need to support that campaign.

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Social media is full of echo chambers

Your social media activity merely reinforces your own ideas and thinking. So, for businesses, that actually means social media is tough. Really tough.