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Graham Jones has been in the speaking business since 1984. He did his first “paid for” gig at the International Press Centre in London. Since then, he has appeared regularly at events of all shapes and sizes.

Graham is a psychologist who aims to help organisations and businesses understand the Internet and use it in better ways. He runs workshops, speaks at conferences and provides consultancy to public sector organisations, associations and business of all sizes. He has also spoken in schools and to parents about how their children use the Internet and how they can protect them online.

He is an award-winning writer, an author of 28 books and is a lecturer at two British universities. He is a developmental psychologist by training and so has an insight into the way different generations use the Internet. Indeed, when you hear him speak you will discover that the Internet is already linked to changes in the way young people’s brains work. That poses fundamental issues for many organisations and businesses – which Graham can help audiences explore and find solutions to.

As a speaker Graham is said to be inspiring and thought-provoking. As a facilitator he is known for his ability to connect each session using stories and keep everything to time. Indeed, one client – part of AT&T – employed him specifically for his ability to prevent “over enthusiastic” senior company executives from over-running their time slots…! Graham appears regularly in the media commenting on some aspect of the Internet or online behaviour. For instance, he has just helped make a BBC programme on “Internet addiction” and recently helped a well-known author with their new book on protecting children online. He fields several requests for interviews every week. He is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and was their President for 2010-2011. He is a member of the British Psychological Society and the Society of Authors.

To book me to speak at your conference or event call me on 0118 336 9710

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