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Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year

2014 will be celebrating 25 years of the World Wide Web


Season’s Greetings – 2013

Wishing you all the compliments of the season – if you celebrate it, a Happy Christmas. In the spirit of giving at this time of year, I would like to offer you a “Free Gift“. My weekly newsletter is full of business advice and  tips and is published each week, on a Saturday morning at […]

Internet leaders show they have stopped thinking

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, is credited as being a “really smart kid”. His success with Facebook has meant that he has received adulation from his fans and other people in the industry agree – he is marvellous. Indeed, so powerful is this Emperor of the Internet that a whole host of Internet leaders […]

Your past is your present online

What you said in the past lived in the past. But what you published online is as live today as it was back then.And you may regret some things.

Women rule the web

Women rule the Internet

Women are in charge of the Internet because they represent more of the actual usage of online services.

Christmas decoration

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas from Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist

Lawrence family shows us all how to behave

When the history books are written the names of Doreen Lawrence OBE, Neville Lawrence OBE and Stephen Lawrence will be writ large, along with the rest of this ordinary but amazing family, including Stephen’s brother, Stuart. It is almost unbearable to read the unbelievable way in which the Lawrence family has been treated since the […]

Christmas at home

Christmas Past or Christmas Present – which is best?

Charles Dickens knew a thing or two about human psychology. In “A Christmas Carol“, the main character Ebenezer Scrooge connects his past to his likely future and changes his behaviour as a result. Instead of being a miser, he dramatically alters his behaviour and becomes a model of generosity, providing his neighbours, the Cratchit family, […]


How to attract website visitors – be interesting…!

Now tell me, why have you visited this page? Is it because you simply love being here? Or is it because you want to find out how to be interesting? Or are you just passing the time, skimming the web in the hope of finding something to while away the hours? Strange as it may […]

Sir Isaac Newton

Yet more evidence that you should not focus on internet success

Only last week I wrote about a brain study from Canada which showed we can achieve more success if we actually try to understand how other people failed. Now, another piece of research from the other side of the world confirms this as being a really good idea. Psychologists from Taiwan have just published the […]

Santa Claus

You should believe every website is a fake

Father Christmas is real; I know I saw him in our local shopping centre the other day. And only last week I was speaking with some young school children who all told me how they could spot the “real” Santa; apparently the real one wears boots, does not have a watch and wears glasses on […]

Remembrance sunday poppy

Be proud of the rubbish and the nastiness you see on the internet

Everywhere you look online you will be reminded of nastiness, crime and downright evil. Whether it is a simple as a spam email, as complex as identity theft or as horrible as Internet trolling, you can’t avoid the negative aspects of the online world. There are rumours on Twitter, nasty postings on Facebook and websites […]

Facebook and Google Page Headings

Is Google having a panic attack…?

Google is a fine company – let’s get that straight at the beginning. They provide you and me with plenty of useful services. Even if you only use their search engine, can you imagine life without? We all depend on Google to a smaller or larger extent. And as a business, they are not doing […]

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