Know your online rights and win a prize

How well do you know your online rights? What information should you give online to commercial suppliers? And what protections should you look for in the small print? These are areas where the Consumer Affairs section of the European Commission is hard at work. Ther eare several European laws in … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook to create new language

Facebook insiders have revealed exclusively to me that later today they will be announcing a new language which is set to revolutionise the web. At the moment the web is mostly in English, with other sites in Japanese, Chinese, and a multitude of European languages. The real difficulty is that … Read more

Rare species killed off by the Internet

Conservationists are up in arms about the Internet. They are pointing out – ironically using the Internet – that the web is responsible for threatening more endangered species than ever. Apparently you can order a polar bear skin online, or if you want you can get a baby lion shipped … Read more

Improve your website with teamwork

John Witherow is hard at work today, but luckily most of his work will be done by other people – his team. For John is the long-standing Editor of The Sunday Times and will be beavering away today so that we can get the paper in the morning. Luckily, he … Read more

Happy New Year

Happy New Year; have a great 2010. Thank you so much for supporting me over the past year and reading my blog – it is much appreciated. In 2010 I have plans to expand the service I provide and to write more practical articles to help you enhance your online … Read more

Phorm will fail – so do not worry about it

{{rtcode}}Phorm is a controversial online advertising system that has already annoyed the founder of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Today, the top web sites in the world have been urged to stop using Phorm since it is thought to invade privacy. Here’s how it works: it monitors what web sites … Read more

When did the World Wide Web Start?

What year was the World Wide Web born? Who invented the World Wide Web? When did the World Wide Web begin? These are the questions that many people are asking today – the “official” 20th birthday of the WWW. Happy Birthday World Wide Web. It’s hard to believe that it … Read more

Gaza, Cannabis and Internet Marketing

Ordinary people – the likes of you and me – are often bemused about decisions taken by politicians and those in the “establishment”. Today we see two seemingly different decisions – one about the charity appeal for suffering in Gaza and the other for the reclassification of cannabis as a … Read more