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Phorm will fail – so do not worry about it

{{rtcode}}Phorm is a controversial online advertising system that has already annoyed the founder of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Today, the top web sites in the world have been urged to stop using Phorm since it is thought to invade privacy. Here’s how it works: it monitors what web sites

When did the World Wide Web Start?

What year was the World Wide Web born? Who invented the World Wide Web? When did the World Wide Web begin? These are the questions that many people are asking today – the “official” 20th birthday of the WWW. Happy Birthday World Wide Web. It’s hard to believe that it


All this stuff online and we still want to read books

Today is World Book Day, which aims to promote reading amongst young children in particular. But why do we need to promote books to children, when several novels-worth of material are added to the Internet every hour? Millions of words are added every day to the web, we read even

Will Web 2.0 technologies spell the end for corporates?

Executives in big business face a real issue in the coming months; they need to generate more business in these difficult times, yet the very tools they can use to do this will make their life much more difficult than ever before. Corporate business is a top-down, patriarchal system. Bosses

Gaza, Cannabis and Internet Marketing

Ordinary people – the likes of you and me – are often bemused about decisions taken by politicians and those in the “establishment”. Today we see two seemingly different decisions – one about the charity appeal for suffering in Gaza and the other for the reclassification of cannabis as a

Happy Christmas 2008

Have a Happy Christmas. Thank you for reading my articles this year and I hope you have found them useful. Like many people I’m now taking a few days off and so I’m resting my fingers from the keyboard for a day or two (unless something suddenly provokes the writer

Naked girl picture causes unrest in Wiki-land

A picture of a naked girl, aged around 11-years-old is causing a major stir thanks to its appearance on Wikipedia. The picture has been deemed pornographic by British legal advisers to the Internet Watch Foundation. This has led several Internet Service Providers to being forced to ban access to the

Positive minded children show Internet marketers what to do

Children with terminal illness are amazing. In spite of knowing their short life is near its end, they remain incredibly positive and have a zest for their remaining months or years. Meanwhile, as youngsters face the end of their life, unable to achieve all that they desired, Internet marketers moan

Google finally admits it’s a failure

Webmasters worldwide have been scrabbling over the past couple of years to get to the top of search engine rankings. People are using “Search Engine Optimisation” techniques to help boost their appearance in search results. For many people, though, search is becoming “old hat”. Millions now rely not on search,

Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand and your web site

Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are at the centre of a perfect storm – it’s got everything; sex, money, jealousy, a grandfather, an attractive young woman, an iconic corporation, stardom, – the list goes on. However, it’s a story that could have been knocked on the head within hours, rather

Make the most of the Internet in a recession

Whether or not we have talked ourselves into a recession is no longer the issue. Neither is it time to argue over who’s fault it was – the banks? the politicians? big business? All the economic data now suggests we are in a recession and that it is going to

The Internet Credit Crunch

The Internet is about to have its own “credit crunch”. It’s not that the web is running out of money – far from it – but an altogether different problem, revealed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung – a leading German national daily newspaper.

Even eBay sheds staff – but that’s a good lesson to business

The online auction giant eBay has announced 1,000 redundancies, shedding around 10% of its global workforce. At first sight you might think that eBay has been caught up in the world’s economic turmoil – but you’d be wrong. What eBay is doing is what most businesses ought to be doing,


FTSE100 plummets signalling a change to Internet marketing

As I write this, the FTSE 100 has plummeted by more than 5% in a little over an hour and a half of trading. Things are not looking good on the stock market today. The panic is because traders are worried that UK-based savers will now take their money out

We’re all doomed….! Well, not on the Internet we’re not…!

We’re only half-way through the week and we have seen enough headlines of impending doom to last us all a life time. Here are just a few of the things that have been brought to our attention in the past couple of days: Lehman Brothers collapses AIG gets rescued by

Where did that month go? Where did Google’s 10 years go?

I’m back…! Did you notice I had been away? Or were you so busy, or so wrapped up in your own holidays you didn’t care? Well, I’ve been on an extended Summer break; I’ve spent lots of time with my son Elliot (aged 8) and I’ve also been thinking about

More people use online search than ever – but Google isn’t winning

More people than ever before are spending part of their day searching online. The latest research from the Pew Internet group has revealed that apart from email, it’s the most common thing we do online. Almost half of all people who go online each day engage in search. At first