Surfing the webNow tell me, why have you visited this page? Is it because you simply love being here? Or is it because you want to find out how to be interesting? Or are you just passing the time, skimming the web in the hope of finding something to while away the hours?

Strange as it may seem, most people have no real plan or intention when they visit websites. According to a recent study, the number one reason for visiting websites is simply to pass the time. Most people, it seems, go online for no particular reason at all. The Internet has become so entrenched in our daily lives it is now a displacement activity for boredom. Rather than being bored, sitting twiddling thumbs, people now go online to surf the web and have a look around just to see what’s interesting.

And that means there is an opportunity for you. Currently, the advice for online businesses is to specifically target customers so that you can reach them more easily via search engines and relevant links. Equally, the advice from social media experts is to have a laser-sharp focus so you can hone-in on those groups of people who want your stuff. Indeed, Facebook Advertising lets you do just that.

However, this new study suggests there is an additional approach you can take. Because most people online are just whiling away the hours, surfing the web in the hope of finding something interesting you can attract them by producing interesting content. It means that instead of having to be completely focused the whole time, merely adding interesting content to your website – or having a blog page with relatively random, but interesting material – will attract new visitors. And once you have new people wandering in to your website, you can sell more.

The trick to getting more traffic to your website might not be in targeting specific groups of people, but merely adding interesting content.

Hang on a minute….! If it is interesting, won’t you also attract your target group anyway…?

Aha…the secret is revealed as to why many websites don’t get much traffic – they simply are not interesting enough. Forget search engine optimization, forget social media strategies, forget email marketing – concentrate instead on making your website really interesting and you will get many more visitors – including those passing the time of day, drinking coffee and relaxing as they surf the web.

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