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Google in 1998

World Wide Web – is it really 25 years old?

Who invented the World Wide Web? When was the World Wide Web invented? Today these questions get definitive answers but who knows what the next 25 years will bring?

Website development process over blue background.

Company websites are history

Company websites are no getting less and less traffic as people look elsewhere for business information. Focusing on a corporate website is a waste of time for many businesses.

diary cows

What can YOU connect to the Internet?

This might come as a surprise, but there are a bunch of “Essex Girls” attached to the Internet via a special necklace. I kid you not. They are not, however, white-stiletto-wearing teenagers. Instead they are a herd of cows on an Essex farm. Around their necks they have a device that monitors them and sends […]

Internet leaders show they have stopped thinking

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, is credited as being a “really smart kid”. His success with Facebook has meant that he has received adulation from his fans and other people in the industry agree – he is marvellous. Indeed, so powerful is this Emperor of the Internet that a whole host of Internet leaders […]

Graph showing Voice over IP statistics

Are you ready to communicate online?

Is your business ready for the new ways in which people are communicating? Voice over IP is significant in many demographics now.

Talk To Your Customers

We must talk to our customers more

Listening to customers does more than give us information. It gives an insight into their emotions so we can better relate to them.

Website Content is Vital

Internet experts invent the past

Website content is fundamental to your website success. But content has always been vital to every business – it is not a new idea.


Facebook Optimizes Ordinary Links

All People Require Informative Links which explains the Facebook Optimized Ordinary Link system revealed today exclusively on this site.

Facebook and Google Page Headings

Is Google having a panic attack…?

Google is a fine company – let’s get that straight at the beginning. They provide you and me with plenty of useful services. Even if you only use their search engine, can you imagine life without? We all depend on Google to a smaller or larger extent. And as a business, they are not doing […]

Woman's Weekly provides lessons for online business

Online businesses can learn from Woman’s Weekly

This week, Woman’s Weekly magazine is 100 years old. Happy Birthday, old gal. And in spite of the magazine market exploding since the introduction of the 1d (one old penny) magazine, it remains the best performing magazine in the sector, with sales slightly up in a market that has seen an 8% drop. Even at […]


Did Prince Charles or the Pope invent Twitter?

His Royal Highness Prince Charles was responsible for a considerable change in the conversation in Washington, DC, when he and his wife – Princess Diana at that time – were due to visit the political centre of the USA. Some eight weeks before the couple’s planned visit in 1985 the chatter in Washington was no […]


You can get people to pay for websites

Readers of The Times online are going to have to dig into their piggy banks come June; The Times and The Sunday Times are to start charging for access to their websites. You will need to pay £1 a day or get it discounted to £2 a week. If you subscribe to the print edition […]

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