Newspapers and social networks set to die in 2009

Your fate is in your hands; up until now businesses have been able to use newspapers, social networks – other publishers – to help them get their messages across. Marketing experts have often emphasised media coverage and social networks (word of mouth) as a way of promoting your business. However, … Read more

The net effect of Wimbledon

Today sees the start of the Wimbledon tennis championships in South London and millions of fans will be glued to TV sets and the radio over the coming two weeks – weather permitting of course. The official Wimbledon web site will also doubtless get tons of support as will the … Read more

Oh dear – Britain is going to lag behind online

Experts frequently fail to get things right. History is littered with so-called experts who predicted things totally incorrectly. The boss of IBM famously said there would only ever be a need for a handful of computers. Ha..! So, why should we believe the “experts” at Ofcom and BT who tell … Read more

Trust is a key issue in the online future

When you look something up online, do you always believe it? Sometimes, just sometimes, do you question what you read? Perhaps searching again to find out if another site says much the same thing? The trouble is, in the online world what is written isn’t always checked before it is … Read more

Internet future will see us untied from its shackles

Futurists have been telling us for ages that we are going to live in an increasingly connected world. Only last week Marks and Spencer launched the iPod suit, where the jacket comes pre-wired with all the connections you need for your iPod. We’ve been hearing about computerised clothing and the … Read more

Online business future depends upon individuals

Business owners trying to attract new clients often target large companies; they have the biggest cheque books and most money in the bank. But this strategy could soon fail to work thanks to changes in the ways business is operating. At times of economic success, self employment tends to fall … Read more