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Website Content is Vital

Internet experts invent the past

Website content is fundamental to your website success. But content has always been vital to every business – it is not a new idea.


Facebook Optimizes Ordinary Links

All People Require Informative Links which explains the Facebook Optimized Ordinary Link system revealed today exclusively on this site.

Facebook and Google Page Headings

Is Google having a panic attack…?

Google is a fine company – let’s get that straight at the beginning. They provide you and me with plenty of useful services. Even if you only use their search engine, can you imagine life without? We all depend on Google to a smaller or larger extent. And as a

Woman's Weekly provides lessons for online business

Online businesses can learn from Woman’s Weekly

This week, Woman’s Weekly magazine is 100 years old. Happy Birthday, old gal. And in spite of the magazine market exploding since the introduction of the 1d (one old penny) magazine, it remains the best performing magazine in the sector, with sales slightly up in a market that has seen


Did Prince Charles or the Pope invent Twitter?

His Royal Highness Prince Charles was responsible for a considerable change in the conversation in Washington, DC, when he and his wife – Princess Diana at that time – were due to visit the political centre of the USA. Some eight weeks before the couple’s planned visit in 1985 the


You can get people to pay for websites

Readers of The Times online are going to have to dig into their piggy banks come June; The Times and The Sunday Times are to start charging for access to their websites. You will need to pay £1 a day or get it discounted to £2 a week. If you

Why you must print out every page of your web site

Your company web site has no-doubt had several loving hours spent on it. If you have a blog, it’s pretty certain that there will be tens of thousands of words in it by now if you have been blogging for a a year. This web site, for instance, has over

Music industry still fails to understand the Internet

Most people who download music from the Internet do it illegally. According to a new industry-backed survey 95% of all music downloaded from the Internet is from “pirate” sites. This morning on BBC Radio Five Live, a UK industry spokesman came out with the same, old, tired arguments that if

Happy New Year: What will the Internet bring you in 2009?

Happy New Year; I hope you have enjoyed the celebrations and that you don’t start off 2009 with too much of a headache..! At this time of year, of course, it is traditional to look towards the future and set your resolutions for the coming 12 months. Don’t. Resolutions are

Newspapers and social networks set to die in 2009

Your fate is in your hands; up until now businesses have been able to use newspapers, social networks – other publishers – to help them get their messages across. Marketing experts have often emphasised media coverage and social networks (word of mouth) as a way of promoting your business. However,


Is your business prepared for the way your future workers will think?

Businesses are ill-prepared for what is going to happen to them in the next couple of years. Students currently at university and college are avid users of social networking sites. New research shows the dramatic increase in uptake of social networking by students. The study reveals that six out of

Warning: The BBC is over-reacting on the web’s future

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the British inventor of the World Wide Web, spoke recently about his worries about certain parts of the Internet. He is concerned that the web has been used to spread disinformation; he is worried that we can trust some parts of the web when we shouldn’t. Today,


The net effect of Wimbledon

Today sees the start of the Wimbledon tennis championships in South London and millions of fans will be glued to TV sets and the radio over the coming two weeks – weather permitting of course. The official Wimbledon web site will also doubtless get tons of support as will the

Web 2.0? Most businesses haven’t even caught up with Web 1.0 yet..!

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, was in London earlier this week speaking about the benefits of Web 2.0 for businesses. He’d highlighted what he was going to say in an interview last month with Computing magazine. However, in spite of his enthusiastic support for Web 2.0 and online collaboration,

Oh dear – Britain is going to lag behind online

Experts frequently fail to get things right. History is littered with so-called experts who predicted things totally incorrectly. The boss of IBM famously said there would only ever be a need for a handful of computers. Ha..! So, why should we believe the “experts” at Ofcom and BT who tell

Podcasting? That’s old-fashioned – video is the online future

Professor Jeffrey Cole reckons that before too long we will be watching several hours of video programming on our mobile phones. At a conference in Sydney, Australia, he told digital marketers to expect a major shift to mobile video. We all know that video has taken off online – YouTube

Your Internet future depends on meeting people

Futurist David Zach recently spoke to a group of business people and told them to drink more..! What he meant was to go out and drink more coffee at places where you can meet people who can help your business. He is a clear advocate of the fact that business