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News coverage of the attack in Woolwich
Internet Psychology

Woolwich videos go viral – but why?

Woolwich videos of the machete attack have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people; but why? Emotional contagion.

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Positive reviews must come first

Positive reviews continue to have an influence even if you subsequently get negative reviews. Positive reviews linger.

BBC News
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Professional newsrooms hold the key to your website success

Here is the news: the BBC website is very popular; so too is the Daily Telegraph, CNN and The Sun. Indeed, all of the news organisations have thriving websites. In fact, The Guardian “newspaper” website is one of the most popular video watching sites in the world. Their “newspaper” newsroom

User generated content set to take on huge importance

We already know that many Internet users contribute content to the web. Take YouTube, for instance, which reportedly has around 15 hours of video uploaded to it every minute…! Not all of that video is professionally produced, business material. Most is what we’d call “user generated content”. Already, just over

So we need an editorial process on the Internet after all..!

My phone rang yesterday with a client curious about how the world knew about the Hudson River air crash before any news channels were carrying the story. Twitter, instant messaging, SMS, blogs – they all played their part. But for the traditional news media they simply couldn’t run the story

How can you make money from user generated content?

A new report on user generated video shows that almost half of all online video watched last year was provided by Internet users themselves. The report also predicts that this will rise to 55% by 2010. In other words, user generated content will dominate. However, for the online video sites

User-generated content wins at Google

Google has just published it’s list of the most searched terms for 2006. Seven out of the top ten are for user-generated sites. That tells us that most people are searching for sites where they can contribute – not just read. Your web site users want to take part –

User generated content – it really, really is important

You will have read a few times in this web site that user-generated content, in my view, is an essential component of a good web site. (You can add your comments below if you disagree..!) However, it’s not just me bleating on about this. Every year, Time Magazine announces its

More evidence on value of user-generated content

As if the power of Google, MySpace and other big players isn’t enough to convince you of the need for user-generated content, consider a report in this week’s New Media Age magazine. A report on page 6 is headlined News International seeks user content for new free-paper site. The story

The Future of the Internet is in User-Generated Content

If your web site doesn’t include the option for user-generated content, the chances are it won’t be the kind of web site that is required in the near future. Up until recently the web was one-way – someone published a web site and someone else read it. Now, new technologies