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Can your business survive a second wave of COVID-19?

Last week, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted that a “second wave” of COVID-19 seemed inevitable. We have known about the pattern of viral infections for centuries, so it should have been no surprise to our leaders that this second wave was coming. The problem for businesses is that

Sensory gratification marketing is easy with real products
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How to make the most of sensory gratification marketing on your website

Sensory gratification marketing is easy to do in the real world. People can pick up and touch products, they can feel them, smell them, listen to them, even taste them. But online almost none of that is possible. So how can you use sensory gratification marketing on a web page? This article explains just how you can do that and gain the benefits of stimulating all the senses of your visitors.

Different kinds of people
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Why your website must look like your visitors

People who land on your website expect it to say “this is for me”. They need to identify with your site in a second. New research confirms this is the case for word of mouth too.

People buying online
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Mobile is not as important as we think

Mobile is increasingly important for search and for the initial discovery of things to buy. But the desktop is where most purchases are made.

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Are marketers going down the wrong road?

More and more businesses are using a greater number of channels. That means much of what they do is becoming invisible as it is ubiquitous.