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Chart showing effectiveness of different kinds of personalisation
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Personalisation is not working

Personalisation only provides a return on investment if it is truly personal. First names are not enough. Deep personalisation is required.

Chart showing requirements of websites
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Fast and fresh content is what websites visitors value most

Study reveals the top two requirements for your website Every week I sit in meetings with business owners who talk for ages about the design of their website. They are concerned about the colours, the typography and the overall look and feel. And every week in those meetings I say

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Five failings of Internet Marketers

Internet marketers make some pretty dumb mistakes. Here are the top five failings and errors of Internet marketers.

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Company websites are history

Company websites are no getting less and less traffic as people look elsewhere for business information. Focusing on a corporate website is a waste of time for many businesses.

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Superficial website rankings matter after all

Rankings in “top 10” listing might seem fake and not worth the bother, but it appears they do have an impact on customer perceptions. You need to be in appropriate lists.