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Knowledgeable websites sell more

Sites that demonstrate they are knowledgeable sell more than sites that focus merely on sales. This means having lots of content on your website which is not sales oriented.

What is the best newsletter system?

Which if the various online newsletter systems is best? This article doesn’t review them but suggests an alternative way of assessing the e-newsletter systems.

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Is niche marketing worthwhile?

Niche marketing could be focusing on the wrong thing. Customer personas could be much more valuable.

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Should you avoid colour on a sales website?

If you are selling something, you want people to make an instant decision to buy. You don’t really want them to linger, to think about things. If they do that, they can dream up all sorts of objections and therefore decide not to buy. In effect you want to be

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The great big SEO test

The Search Engine Optimisation challenge reveals errors in this website that can easily be fixed. Can you fix yours too?