Online marketing brings businesses quality, but offline brings quantity

Internet marketers who bash out products and sell them to hundreds of thousands of other Internet marketers seem to have it made. Indeed, their own pictures of themselves working on the beach or standing beside their luxury car are widespread online. It all appeals to the “get rich quick” community. Most Internet marketers are actually selling to other would-be Internet marketers.

And there is a reason for that. Most would-be Internet marketers will never make it. They won’t get rich quick; it is all a dream.

Thankfully for them, they realise this after a while and give up on their hopes and dreams, deciding to get a real job instead. But that leaves the successful Internet marketers with a problem – they need new potential clients and new ideas. So they have to keep running on this treadmill of developing new, often low-quality, products and finding new hapless individuals caught by the get rich quick bug.

In reality, the problem for the Internet marketers is poor quality customers.

The successful online marketers know this and actually concentrate their efforts on their high quality leads – people like them who “get it” and who understand business. And the one thing they know is that the Internet itself actually brings them these quality leads. Indeed, in spite of all the Internet-marketing pitch fests, the online networking of high quality Internet marketers is essential to their business.

The example of Internet marketers is interesting because it is backed up with new research that finds similar things happening throughout business. The research looked at over 500 companies and found that offline methods of lead generation were superior in producing leads – face-to-face marketing appears to bring in many more leads than other forms of marketing.

Chart showing best marketing channels

Even though in-person marketing generated more leads than anything else, the study confirmed that email marketing was growing in popularity and proving to be one of the best online methods of generating leads. That’s worth noting. However, this study also found something really interesting in terms of the quality of the leads. The position is almost entirely reversed. The best quality leads come from online marketing.

Graph showing high quality lead production

This actually confirms what those Internet marketers selling to Internet marketers already know. Take a tip from their book. Real world marketing will bring you in lots of people, but if you want quality leads that will generate long-term income and good relationships, then you need to focus online. And most of that focus ought to be in email marketing.

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