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Creating Web Content in Five Steps

Creating Web Content – management of your time and your planning process is essential. This article shows you how to succeed in creating web content.

Rural or urban?
Internet Marketing

Are your website visitors rural or urban?

People read differently depending on whether they are from cities or from the countryside. Knowing where your readers are located determines the best kind of content for your website.

Internet Marketing

Positive reviews must come first

Positive reviews continue to have an influence even if you subsequently get negative reviews. Positive reviews linger.

Online Advertising
Internet Marketing

One advert is not enough

Online advertising has little effect if they do not change. You need several different forms of the same advert for people to notice them.

Shopping on the mobile
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How to increase impulse sales

Many online purchases happen at night, when you are not in the office, and on mobile devices. Are you geared up for that?