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Internet Psychology

Is your website racist?

Have you checked your website lately to see if you are being unconsciously racist?

Website revamp date in diary
Web Design

Does your website need a revamp?

A website revamp is needed more often than most of us realise. Not only will redesigning your site help visitors it will help you too.

Internet Psychology

Five psychology tips for web design

Taking account of the psychology of web visitors is essential if you are to get the design of pages right and get your visitors to stay.

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Online Business

Make your website feel like home

Research shows that when people feel at home they are likely to buy more. Making your website appear like a shop could work against you.

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Internet Marketing

Should you avoid colour on a sales website?

If you are selling something, you want people to make an instant decision to buy. You don’t really want them to linger, to think about things. If they do that, they can dream up all sorts of objections and therefore decide not to buy. In effect you want to be

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Internet Psychology

You only need an average website

Human beings average things out when they look at them. We do not perceive the details, which means that much web design could be wasted.