Web pages can now provide subliminal advertising

Most advertising on the web is ignored. Even Google’s highly popular AdWords which appear on the right hand side of search results pages are untouched by 75% of people. Display advertising, such as banner ads, get even fewer people looking at them, with some studies showing that less than 1% of us interact with such advertising.

If you are an Internet marketer or a business trying to promote yourself online, the world of advertising is beset with problems. Indeed, even to get the best out of AdWords and only reach one in four people you need to really study and understand the system, perhaps even taking Google’s certification course and exam. Gosh – all you want to do is publish an advert promoting your latest product and you have to take an exam, and then still only reach a quarter of your audience…!

Is it any wonder that so many businesses shun online advertising. Not only do people rarely interact with it, but to really use it well online you either need to get qualified or hire in the services of a specialist, adding to your cost.

Thankfully, for the past five years a little known group of online marketing specialists has been working away with money from a joint venture from several British universities known as the Funding Organisation for Online Learning (FOOL).

Today they have announced a major method of advertising which will wipe traditional web adverts away as completely unnecessary. They have perfected a system of subliminal advertising which means you will absorb and react to advertising which loads with every web page, but which you are consciously unaware of. Indeed, when this page loaded you were presented with an advertisement which lasted for only 50 milliseconds and which filled the entire screen. You were not actually aware of this advert were you? But once you have finished reading this page you will inevitable react to it.

The system is an Internet marketer’s dream, the Holy Grail of online advertising. The inventors are convinced this is a game changer and will destroy Google’s dominance in the world of online advertising.

A spokesman for FOOL told me exclusively: “We decided to launch today on April 1st because rumours had already started to spread on Twitter that we were up to something and we wanted to be sure we were in control of any statements being made about our product.”

If you want to find out how you can use this revolutionary system of online advertising please visit the company which has been set up to launch it: Advertising Providing Real Invisible Links (APRIL).

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