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Cashless future is a dream for the Internet

Futurists have often told us that “cash is dead” and that one day we will all love without it. Indeed, the beginning of online payment systems led many of them to predict the end of cash as we know it, with all transactions being conducted online. The futurists have yet

Future Internet users won’t concentrate on your web page

Internet users of the future are unlikely to have full concentration on your web page. New research on teenagers shows that they are significant “multitaskers”. In other words, unlike the average Internet user (aged in their mid-40s) the future Internet users will not only be looking at your web page

Internet future will see us untied from its shackles

Futurists have been telling us for ages that we are going to live in an increasingly connected world. Only last week Marks and Spencer launched the iPod suit, where the jacket comes pre-wired with all the connections you need for your iPod. We’ve been hearing about computerised clothing and the

Future of work destroyed by European legislators

Futurists are convinced that the future of employment is in “portfolio” careers, with people hopping from job to job. Add to that a huge increase in self employment over the past decade and you can see that the future of work is based on individuals, rather than corporations. Indeed, I

Online business future depends upon individuals

Business owners trying to attract new clients often target large companies; they have the biggest cheque books and most money in the bank. But this strategy could soon fail to work thanks to changes in the ways business is operating. At times of economic success, self employment tends to fall

Your future depends on the Internet

Just five years ago you probably had not even heard of blogging; YouTube wasn’t even a dream and the idea that you could “instant message” between your home and the other side of the world was almost unheard of. A lot has happened in the past five years. So can

The future for the Internet is all negative

A survey of 750 of the world’s leading “futurists” has revealed a largely negative view of how the Internet will affect our lives by the year 2020. According to the research, we’ll have less access to the Internet because of limitations imposed by governments. The futurists also believe addiction to