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Link Building 2018

Link building 2018: Three reasons you should alter your focus

Links are useful because people click on them and get directed to your web pages. Many links, though, have been placed around the web for SEO (search engine optimisation) and that’s a waste of time. Indeed, Google says you don’t need to bother with this. The search engine can find mentions of your website, even if there is no link.

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Should you stop advertising on Google?

Google is in trouble. An investigation by The Times newspaper has triggered dozens of brands to abandon advertising on Google. Should you follow suit?

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Is SEO a myth?

There is an old man in Woking, Surrey, who carefully places a bowl of custard outside his front door every night before he goes to bed. For years, people were curious about this until a couple of school children knocked on his door and asked “why do you put a

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Google+ will help your search engine ranking

Google+ does NOT help you gain higher search engine rankings. We know that because Google themselves say so. Indeed, one of their leading engineers Matt Cutts even went so far as having to debunk the widely held theory in a forum discussion. Well that just goes to show how much


Why search results don’t work

People do not see the search results they think they see. They miss seeing important and valuable sites once they have seen one useful link.


Search is for old people

Younger people are increasingly turning to social media as a means of finding things online, whereas older people prefer search engines

Share of Online Audience

Google confirmation: forget SEO

Google confirms the most important aspects of getting yourself noticed is concentrating on people. Focus on human activity, not search engine activity they say.

Could you win the Euromillions?

Google is helping you make poor decisions

Faced with too many options people search more and then find rare events and items making them think these are real possibilities for themselves.