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Sir Fred Goodwin

Sir Fred Goodwin, the Japanese Earthquake and your online business

Sir Fred Goodwin is a *anker. A legal “super injunction” prevents me from filling in the first consonant as the courts have agreed it is illegal for anyone to publish or mention anything which refers to the profession of this disgraced former head of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Newspapers and the broadcast media have […]

Government-backed study misses the point – again..!

Teenagers in the UK these days are amongst the best educated children anywhere in the world. Exam results continue to rise, showing that the current teenage generation is also the cleverest we have had – ever – in Britain. True, you can argue with the exam system and suggest it is flawed. Yes, you might […]

Green Cross Code for the Internet is another Government mess

Gordon Brown and Ed Balls are today announcing the Green Cross Code for the Internet. The idea is that it will provide children with a means of staying safe online. The code has been drawn up following the Byron review of Internet safety which resulted in the formation of a talking shop, known as the […]

Growing divide between politicians and web users

Politicians are consistently demonstrating they are growing ever further out of touch with the rest of us. A new study from the George Washington University in the USA shows that young people are interested in politics and they would love to get involved – if only politicians would talk to them and give them more, […]


War declared today – but the internet will save us

Seventy years ago today the British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, declared war on Germany at 11.15am in an address to the nation on the radio. It was the first such public declaration of war, but not the last. George Bush declared his “war on terror” on 21st September 2001, live on television. The next war […]


British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith loses the Internet plot

Jacqui Smith, the British Home Secretary, appears to misunderstand the Internet at every turn. It seems she now wants to monitor everything – yes everything – you do online. Whether it’s a simple email message, a search on Google, a Tweet in Twitter or a posting on a social networking site – Jacqui wants to […]


Oh Darling, what a buddy brilliant budget

Alistair Darling’s latest budget was brilliant – at least that’s what you think if your name is Gordon Brown. The body language at the Dispatch Box yesterday was remarkable. As soon as the Right Honourable Member for Edinburgh South West had delivered his budget speech, his boss from Number 10 Downing Street was all smiles […]

Facebook used by government – shock horror snoop

Facebook is to be used by the British Government in a bid to deal with terrorism. People often ask “who is looking at my Facebook page?” – well now we know, Gordon Brown’s henchmen. They plan to monitor every conversation on Facebook because it is “needed to tackle crime gangs and terrorists”. Now forgive me […]

Email scam started by UK Government on Ides of March

From today, Internet users in the UK will be monitored more than ever by the British Government. Beware the Ides of March, all politicians are told, but that’s exactly when the new European law on email monitoring takes place. It will inevitably fail. The scam being put upon all of us is a fraud perpetuated […]

Gordon Brown talks digital…sorry I mean nonsense

Where do they get their information from in Government? Are they secretly living in some underground colony where the world is different to the one you and I live in? Or are they all so gullible they fall for anything anyone with a sharp suit tells them? Take today – Gordon Brown personally backs the […]

Labour doesn’t understand the Internet – again!

Andy Burnham, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport has shown, yet again, that Government fails to understand the Internet. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph he proposed that web sites should only be published once they have cinema style ratings so that parents would know what was acceptable for their children. […]

So darling, is Alistair right?

Economists always disagree; put three of them in a phone box and they’ll come out with four different opinions. The thing is, economists would like us to think they run a “science” (indeed you can study “economic science” at university), but actually it’s all guesswork. Admittedly it’s reasonably educated guesswork, but it’s guesswork all the […]

Will the US election be won online?

So, it’s election day in the USA – and the world awaits the decision of the voters. Will it be McCain or Obama? The latest polls put Obama ahead by at least 5%. Already this is being hailed as the election that was won online. There are plenty of election blogs around as well as […]

Get online…! Oh – you are…!

Today is National Get Online Day – honest…! It’s an initiative from the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills. Mmmm. There’s the first mistake – to separate universities and skills from the Department of Education (now called the Department for Children Schools and Families). Do you get the picture? Here’s the UK Government with its […]

Internet watchdog is another Ed Balls-up

The UK’s Children’s Minister was launching the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS)yesterday. In essence, it seems a good idea, but as ever the politicians have failed to think deeply enough. We already have the Internet Watch Foundation and the NSPCC, which does significant amounts of work for children online. Together, these organisations have […]

What you can learn from the Palin email attack

So, Whitehouse-hopeful Sarah Palin has had her email account attacked by hackers. It’s no surprise that some people might want to do this; after all she represents an extreme viewpoint in the USA. What is surprising and troubling is that a public figure had two email accounts on a public email service such as Yahoo. […]

More nonsense from the UK Government about the Internet

Everton fan Andy Burnham is “in charge” of the media in the UK since he is the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport. However, rumours reach me that he is considering setting up the equivalent of the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) for the Internet. The PCC is an independent body which handles complaints […]

Gosh…! Politicians do the right thing for the Internet

European politicians don’t always have a good reputation. They are perceived as a bunch of people who just chat, cost money and don’t have any real powers. But they have made a decision which will be significant as far as the Internet is concerned. The European Parliament has voted out proposals to ban persistent “file […]

Here we go again – another Government Internet blunder

Let’s get this straight – sexual offences are abhorrent; I am in no way a defender of people who have committed sex crimes. As a psychologist, though, I’m aware that many of them are victims themselves, having been abused as children. But the Government rightly wants to clamp down on sexual offences. But their latest […]

What a load of Ed Balls

Ed Balls, the Secretary of State for Education in the UK, wants “cyberbullying” of teachers to be a disciplinary offence. Apparently, school pupils sometimes ridicule their teachers in online chat rooms and on social networking sites. Well knock me down with a feather, there’s a shock. Look, Mr Balls, children have always taken the mickey […]

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