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Every Friday loads of people get recommended through the “followfriday” hashtag scheme. Already, that sounds confusing….! So, if you are unfamiliar with the concept of the hashtag read this article on hashtags from Twitip. Essentially a hashtag is just a word that you use to collect together a whole load of Tweets on the same subject.

Who should you follow on Twitter – and why? Here’s my list of recommended Tweople you should follow.

Excellent advice on business copy writing

Excellent advice on everything to do with mind mapping and Mind Manager

The Fairy Blogmother and advice on visual marketing

Insightful ideas on reputation management

Top advice on networking

Excellent advice on social media

Brilliant information and ideas on creative thinking

Advice, ideas and information on blogging

Need to get on with your accountant? Follow Mark!

The latest news headlines from loads of different sources

Make sure your marketing is effective, efficient and economic

Chris Challis tweets his thought-provoking blogs here

Excellent advice on social media

Taking the world beyond social

Business performance expert

A tip a day to help your public relations activities

Networking advice and excellent links to other people

Giving you the confidence to set MASSIVE goals

The best place to buy domains and get advice about domains etc.

Thought provoking marketing advice

Neuroscience expert for business and ageing

Excellent small business marketing ideas

Helps you become more productive

Witty and clever marketing expert

Business leadership expert

Excellent advice for online start-ups

Insights into presenting and blogging

Always fun with thought-provoking media advice

Always amusing and interesting

Excellent after dinner and motivational speeaker

Advice on LinkedIn and networking

Brilliant advice and support on web writing

Helps you build your business

Excellent advice and information from marketing mentor Robert Clay

The expert on Twitter

Social media news and “how to” information

Top notch communications advice

The best advice you can get on using the media

Practical and insightful PR advice

Internet marketing and SEO information that is top notch

Social media expert

Always plenty of ideas on creative thinking

Simply the best advice on professional blogging you can get

Plenty of support for sales and selling

Everything you need to know about small business marketing

Helps you connect, influence and inspire through the spoken word

Social media expertise from three social media guys

A no-nonsense view of social media

Unleash that book inside you…!

A real expert on all things Twitter

Steve Clarke is the man to go to if you want to learn how to boost your sales

Excellent advice about the trends that impact your business


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