Brands Don’t Need A Whole New Website To Incorporate Social Media

Brands looking to utilise social media in their online marketing efforts don’t need to build a whole new website for that purpose, as social media features can be easily incorporated to an existing site framework according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of online community software for brands and businesses

Social media has become one of the most efficient ways of crowd sourcing consumers, and therefore an effective method of marketing on the Internet. Many brands have looked to engage their consumers and fans of their brand using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

According to Reality Digital, for the maximum benefit of social media to be realised, brands must implement social media of their own. Many brands see this as entailing the costly construction of an entirely new website in order to achieve all of the latest features of social networking functionality, but this is not the case according to Reality Digital.

Robert Proctor, the Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: “Social media can just as easily be employed in an existing website as it can be created from scratch. Most websites can simply slot the specific aspects of social media that they desire into parts of their domain, enabling them to make the most of social media without needing to invest in an entirely new website.

“Features such as online video mean that consumer engagement with the brand will greatly improve, and brands will then have the opportunity to further interact with their audiences through marketing tactics such as user generated content competitions. “

The Reality Digital Opus Platform is a social networking application that not only allows brands and businesses to create a social network dedicated to their site, but also facilitates the implementation of the same features into a brand website that is already up and running. In addition, there is also the option of being able to choose exactly which elements of functionality are needed for a website, and which ones can be left out, in order to maximise the value of the platform and ensure that it fits into the existing framework as smoothly as possible whilst meeting the criteria needed for the brand to achieve its overall goal.

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