BuzzPlant Expands Their Social Media Marketing Offerings

Using social media to market your products or services is a must in today’s changing media landscape. As the world migrates daily toward a habit of consuming their media via on-demand, anytime access, traditional advertising and marketing methods are being ignored and tuned out.

Online social media marketing is where businesses must now go to reach their target audience. Millions of people are flocking daily to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and a myriad of niche focused networks, blogs, and websites. There has never been a better time in history that businesses can reach out and easily find their target demographic.

BuzzPlant helps clients make sense of the information overload that can be overwhelming to those that are wanting to take the plunge into social media marketing. “The first thing we do is a detailed social media audit of the client’s brand online.” says Bob Hutchins, owner of BuzzPlant. “We have very sophisticated technology that will gather, compile, and decipher what is being said about the client’s brand. What they think people are saying about their brand, is often much different than what is actually being said.”

Once the detailed report of what is being said, and the key influencers involved, then BuzzPlant and their team goes to work developing and executing a plan to engage the social media landscape to help spread the word about the client’s products or service.

“We have seen some amazing results for our clients” says Hutchins. “One recent client was not engaged in Twitter at all. We quickly found a person who had almost a million followers on twitter who was a fan of their brand and who had mentioned it several times in their tweets. Guess who they quickly made friend with? Where can you get that kind of quick, easy, and far reaching influence using traditional advertising methods?”

BuzzPlant is currently seeing major growth in this area of Social Media Marketing, and their BuzzBlitz strategies. To learn more, please visit

BuzzPlant is an Internet, Word of Mouth, and new media marketing and promotions company.

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