Blogging For Profit – How Do You Write Content For Your Blog the Right Way to Make Money Online?

By J. Pal

Blog marketing is a great way to generate traffic to your offers and blogs are really easy to set up and monetize. But how do you write for them if you have little or no writing experience?

It is actually easier than most people think…you don’t need to be a great writer. If you have at least a school education you will be OK.

Why you don’t have to be an expert writer

Most people think you have to be able to write like an author, CEO or politician to be a good writer but you really don’t…it’s boring to read and most people won’t stay on your blog for long.

Imagine all the company websites you see written in the usual corporate way, which is basically “this is our company and this is how great we are”.

But they forget one thing…and that is the customer. What’s in it for the customer?, how can their content help or be useful to the customer? This is what your blog content should help achieve.

What do most people want to read on blogs?

They don’t want to read content filled with big boring words, sales pitches and hype.

They want to learn something new and they want information that is both useful to them and tells them how to do something or about something.

The language you use should be simple and easy to read, no big words or sentences and the reader should go away having learnt something new and want to read more of your content.

So how do you know if you are on the right track?

Research your potential prospect, see what their level of expertise is in your topic, see what problems they have and how you can help solve their problem with your content as the solution or part of the solution.

Imagine that person is standing in front of you and you are talking to them as your friend. Now you wouldn’t talk to your friend in a pitchy or hypey kind of way would you?

So for a newbie in say a technical topic, teach them how to do something in an easy to follow way and no technical jargon. Don’t assume they know everything you are talking about or you will lose them so explain your points simply. Write in an active tense rather than passive.

Also break down your blog post into sections and make it flow so you explain each point fully before moving onto the next one. Use subheadings, ask and answer the questions your prospect would have.

And remember you don’t have to write like your English teacher told you, just make sure you aren’t talking to your prospect like they are stupid and that there are no careless spelling or grammar mistakes.

How do you use keywords in your blog posts?

For search engines to rank you for certain keywords phrases, you will need to use those keyword phrases in your blog post title at least once. There are many who would say you need to use a keyword density of 3-4% in content (3-4 times per 100 words). But i don’t see how this can be the case, i mean imagine how bad the article would sound if you keep repeating the same word?

My advice would be to include the keyword in your title and as much as you can in the content of your blog post without it sounding un-natural.

Summing up

Remember to write as you would talk and your content will sound more natural and people will like reading it. Take this article as an example for your writing, there is nothing fancy about it, it’s just written in a plain and simple way that hopefully you enjoyed reading.

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