Composing Blog Comments That Build Credibility

By TJ Philpott

Leaving well placed blog comments is a great way to accelerate the flow of traffic to your site. An important aspect of the blog building process is establishing links with other sites and when you post comments at other blogs you can do just that. The more incoming links your site has the more authority this projects to search engines and this tends to increase your rank along with the flow of free online traffic. Your site also gains more exposure by virtue of having your links imbedded in the comments you leave at other blogs. The key is to post comments that are both useful and professional in order for them to be of benefit.

Here are 3 blogging tips you should follow whenever you post comments on other blogs.

Be Helpful
Any remarks you leave should always be constructive or helpful in some form or fashion. To register negative remarks is not only disruptive but it also reflects badly on the person commenting. If you want to attract people over to your site do it with grace and show a willingness to contribute in a positive way. As the saying goes you get more with honey than you will with vinegar!

Identify Yourself
Always identify yourself by using your real name if you want your remarks to be taken seriously. Using an assumed identity when you post comments on other blogs only serves to dilute your credibility. If you stop and think about it how are you going to build trust and credibility if you feel the need to hide behind an assumed identity? Another drawback to using an ‘alias’ is that your remark will likely be rejected as spam and therefore not allowed.

Check Spelling and Grammar
In most cases the point of leaving remarks is to build your reputation and increase your exposure within the community. With that said you will want to be sure when you post comments that your spelling and grammar are both correct. Since the typical comment is relatively brief it will not take much time or effort to check these two areas. You do want to leave a good impression don’t you?

One other thing to consider is to not leave a lot of remarks on any one blog since this too can be perceived as spam thereby disallowing any of your remarks.

The blog comments you leave at the sites of others have a huge impact on your ability to build links. Establishing incoming links is an important component of the blog building process. Incoming links help to boost your search engine ranking along with the amount of free online traffic you receive. The blogging tips reviewed above offer 3 subtle suggestions on how best to comment on other blogs. By displaying a little professionalism and willingness to be helpful your comments will attract the attention of others. When they link back to your site you have now established another stream of traffic along with a growing reputation within the community!

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