Which Blog Posting Style Suits You Best?

By TJ Philpott

The blog posting found on any one site normally reflects, at least in part, the personality of the author. This is normal and expected for a couple of reasons. Firstly most popular blogs gain their fame and favor by creating frequent and interesting posts. When writing this often it is easier for the author to choose a style that is the most ‘natural’ or easiest for them. Secondly people expect and look forward to blog entries that reflect personal opinions or perspectives. This helps to give a more distinct flavor and emphasize the differences between and amongst the many blogging sites found on the Internet.

It is therefore of need and importance for anyone wanting to be at their blogging best to choose a style to which they are best suited and most comfortable. Considering that no two personalities are exactly the same it stands to reason that no one style can be reflected in the same exact way.

Here are 7 of the most common ‘styles’ of blog entries found online that have gained the appeal of readers. Perhaps one will be the perfect match for ‘showcasing’ your unique personality and strengths!

How To

Blog entries that show or explain how to do something are very popular online. When you consider that a large majority of online searches focus on answers to a question the surfer may have you can see why this type post is popular.


Sharing information or explanations about a particular subject feeds the need of the many that are uninformed but would like to know more. This of course is a VERY large audience and a good direction to take your blog entries in if you are experienced in a particular field. Encyclopedias serve this purpose offline while sites such as Wikipedia do the same for online viewers.

Product Reviews

Reviewing a product or service in an objective manner is another popular style people use for content on their site. Everybody wants to know the opinion or experience of others especially when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

Linking to Other Sites

By locating information on other sites and then posting a link on yours to this information would qualify more as a ‘resource’ site. Your readers would regard you as the ‘go to’ guy for where to find information on various subjects. The advantage to this style is that all your outbound links will yield a good amount of incoming links as well thereby strengthening your search engine ranking.


This is a favorite of mine that I like to reserve the right to use whenever the mood strikes. Selecting or targeting a particular ‘pet peeve’ or current issue allows for your passion to really come to the surface. Pointing out what it is you are at odds with and why your readers should also be concerned is another popular posting style.

This particular style is obviously best suited for those who are not afraid to have an opinion or be outspoken about it. Many readers absolutely love this particular style!


People are always looking for inspiration in some form or fashion and if you are a positive minded type person this style may be your calling. Sharing inspirational words or messages will attract a very broad spectrum of viewers.


Using satire is a very clever ‘tongue in cheek’ method of delivering news, rants and humor all rolled into one. Building a site upon this type approach can attract you links from many different sources due to the broader scope this style may appeal to. Remember you are incorporating a bit of commentary, personal opinion and humor about a wide spectrum of topics.

Your blog posting can and should be as unique as your personality. With all the different blogging sites found on the Internet the way or style in which you compose your entries will be what sets you apart from the rest. Surveying some of the most popular blogs online will reveal quite a range of styles in which people have chosen to present their content. So fear not your individuality and uniqueness but rather embrace it. The 7 commonly used styles reviewed here today are very appealing to readers. Perhaps you may see one that is good match for your talents and personality. In any case you need to settle on a style with which you are most comfortable and will enable you to be at your blogging best for your readers!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina. To learn more about the benefits of using your own unique style of blog posting and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques simply visit: http://blogbrawn.com/

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