Six Fantastic Tips to Get You Started On Twitter

By Jonathan Lee Jenkins

The social networking website known as Twitter is an excellent Internet marketing tool for your business. However, if you are new to it then it can be very confusing and bewildering. So, to help you to get started there are six basic tips.

1. First you need to decide what you want to achieve through Twitter. For example, do you want to utilize it in order to find new customers? Or do you want to use it in order to increase traffic to your website or blog? Deciding on this aspect will enable you to aim towards an outcome rather than just use it for personal usage.

2. As soon as you get started you should begin to follow people. When you sign up to a person you will receive their tweets and can reply to them. Tweets are the way in which Twitter refers to messages. By following someone, they will usually click to follow you too. This is a great way to build up your followers. Don’t forget to thank the people who decide to follow you, this is a great way to build rapport.

3. When adding people to your Twitter account, you are able to search for particular keywords. To use the search feature you should visit Here you will be able to enter particular search terms, for example locations or keywords relating to your business.

4. Twitter is a social networking site therefore you need to be socially active. You need to interact with people on a regular basis. You should send your followers tweets and make sure that you reply to any messages/tweets that you receive.

5. As soon as your Twitter account is up and running you should be tweeting. Tweet about subjects of relevance, as your tweets will be displayed in searches. This is a great way to get followers. Try to avoid tweets that sound like sales pitches as they can be a turn off. Try to tweet words of encouragement, suggest products or services rather than trying to hard sell them.

6. When using Twitter as an Internet marketing tool you should try to avoid spamming. If you are continuously sending tweets which are trying to encourage people to purchase your products or services, then this is seen as spam. Doing this will lose you followers therefore you should avoid it.

Bearing these six tips in mind should set you on the road to success. Do not give up easily, everything takes time. You will soon be confidently twittering and tweeting yourself to success.

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