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Threat Test – an online tool to assess your vulnerability to internet scams, a new online advice site, today launches its Threat Test, an online quiz designed to assess an Internet user’s vulnerability to a variety of common online scams.

Developed with the help of security experts, the Threat Test assesses a person’s ability to identify different types of Internet scams and gives them an online safety score. The tool was created following recent research, commissioned by knowthenet, which identified the most likely demographic, in Britain, to fall victim to Internet-based scams as professional women aged 25-34.

The Threat Test consists of 13 questions, split into four sections relating to common ways fraudsters initiate their tricks; social networking, phishing, malware and counterfeit goods. It presents individuals with examples of real-life scams, within a safe environment, and asks what their response would be to each. Throughout the test, relevant advice and guidance is given on how to stay safe online and once completed, the individual is provided with an overall threat level based on their score. It is also supported by a series of educational films on knowthenet’s YouTube channel.

“As online scams become more widespread and the tactics of criminals become more sophisticated, it’s important we all understand the steps we should take to protect ourselves,” says Phil Kingsland, Site Director at knowthenet. “We hope that through using the Threat Test people will become more aware of the tactics commonly used by criminals and therefore reduce their risk of getting caught out.”

The test can be accessed from the knowthenet site or by following this link:

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