Official Google statements: how to optimize your site

Google’s Matt Cutts gave many SEO related tips in a live chat that was hosted on YouTube. This week’s article contains all important statements that were made by Matt Cutts in that chat:

Official Google statements: how to optimize your site 1

1. Google’s Panda update will be available for more languages

Google’s Panda update targeted content farms and low quality websites. Although these website types are not as common in other languages, Google will roll out the Panda update to other languages after some testing during the next months.

2. Penalized websites can get their rankings back

The website of JC Penney was penalized by Google because they had a lot of paid links. According to Matt Cutts, JC Penney filed a formal reconsideration request after doing a substantial amount of work to fix the issues.

Editor’s note: it probably helped that JC Penney is a big company and that the case was in the press. Getting a penalty lifted is much harder for smaller websites. If you don’t want to risk your rankings, only use safe SEO methods.

3. Data from blocked sites is a ranking signal

Users that are logged in to Google can block websites in the search results. If enough users block a website, it will be interpreted as a signal that the blocked website is of low quality.

4. Google’s +1 button is going to be a ranking signal

The +1 button is Google’s answer to Facebook’s “Like” button. It is likely that Google will offer the +1 button for website owners in the near future and that the button will be a ranking signal.

5. Do not use the nofollow attribute for links to your own website

Matt Cutts said that you shouldn’t use the rel=nofollow attribute for links to your own website, including links to the privacy policy. You should use it for links to external websites that you don’t necessarily trust. The websites to which you link can affect the reputation of your website.

6. Use 301 redirects and the canonical tag to prevent duplicate content

If the same content is available with multiple URLs on your website, you should use the canonical tag to avoid duplicate content issues. If you use new URLs for your pages, use 301 redirects from the old URLs to the new URLs.

7. The IP address of your website can influence its rankings

If you want to get high rankings on, it helps if your website has a French IP address. Websites that do not have a French IP address can also get high rankings but a French IP address helps.

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