‘Twitter for business’ – United Planet launches microblog for the Intranet

United Planet has launched ‘140’, a microblog designed to provide the Intranet and Enterprise Portal market with a ‘Twitter for Business’ App that will enable companies to pick up on the current social media trend and introduce the benefits of a 140 character-based instant messaging service to companies of all sizes.

More and more businesses are discovering that they can use Web 2.0 for company communications and have recognised the internal value of blogs, chat rooms and forums after an initial period of scepticism. United Planet’s launch of ‘140’ confirms that there is a real opportunity to improve internal communications by adopting the new breed of social media tools in the business environment.

Axel Wessendorf, Managing Director of United Planet, explains the idea behind ‘140’: “Most people use Twitter and Facebook privately for communication with friends and acquaintances to tell them what they are doing, instantaneously, but businesses can benefit from this capability too. Improved inter-departmental communication will not only ensure that employees can be kept informed without delay and without overloading email accounts unnecessarily. It will also make a big impact on team spirit.”

United Planet expects ‘140’ to support new business by providing immediate internal notification of contract wins which can be used by marketing to promote sales externally. Product development teams will be able to incorporate feedback from customers via the sales team in a more timely manner. The new App will also make it easier to share links to specialist articles on the Internet or to provide ongoing updates about items of general interest to the entire company, for example about construction work on site.

United Planet’s ‘140’ App is available for only 40 Euros for an unlimited number of users via the Intrexx Application Store. To facilitate communication outside of the office, a free mobile App for iPhone, BlackBerry & other smart phones is included in the delivery.

Further information at www.intrexx.com/en/140