Big Internet Consumer Trends of 2012

Knowing the big consumer trends is vital to successfully making the internet work for you. Launching a new blog or a new angle to an existing blog really requires a decent knowledge of the searching habits of the masses.

You might have a niche market already, people who are already aware of your site and what you offer, but expanding this market to attract casual browsers requires you to cast your net wider.

Here are a few of the big trends of 2012, use them to broaden the scope of your site.

Bargain Hunters

In these times of economic austerity, it’s little surprise that bargain hunting has featured so highly amongst the internet trends of 2012. Smart shopping has led consumers to go wild for bargains and special offers as they seek to save whatever money they can on any purchase.

If you offer goods or services online, this is an effective way to generate more traffic. Sales and special offers work well most of the time, but during times of economic downturn and financial doom and gloom, companies offering discounts and offers get overwhelmed by the response. Bundle some of your products together into a money saving package and promote that online, the markdowns you make will be paid for by the surge in sales.


A perennial online trend, DIY extends so much further than learning how to hang a door from an eHow article, or downloading the blueprint for a homemade birdbath. When we talk about DIY these days we are talking about a wider concept of people wanting to do things for themselves; people wanting to gain the skills required to take things on themselves without having to ask for help.
This includes hints, tips and techniques as well as full blown tutorials and plans. Maybe you run a website which promotes a decorating service, commissioning content which offers your audience insider information on how to achieve certain decorating effects will allow you to tap into this internet consumer trend.

Holding on to the viewpoint that “I’m the professional for a reason and doing this will undermine my business” will simply leave you out in the cold. As long as you manage the information in a savvy and intelligent way, customers will still recognize the value of your professional service.

Smartphones Rule All

Smartphones are the future; never mind your beloved Nokia 3510i with its RBG color pixels and its polyphonically rendered ringtones, modern phones can do pretty much anything. This is why businesses are increasingly trying to muscle their way into the world of the smartphone in an attempt to get a piece of this pie.
If you have the resources to commission a smartphone app relating to your product or service, this is a perfect way to get yourself in on the smartphone action.

Whether your company is focused on health and fitness – in which case you could launch a calorie counter app – or interior design – perfect for mix-and-match swatch style app – mobile phone applications increase the profile of your site, product or service no end.

Author Bio

Rob Pell is an independent writer writing on behalf of Simplifydigital, the UK broadband, digital TV and home phone experts. Simplifydigital are accredited by Ofcom and provide independent consumer advice on digital services.

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