Expand Your Customer Service to the Internet World

By Davis Miller

The quest for perfection seems to hunt us in almost everything that we do.  Although quite unrealistic we seem not to expect customers to complaint much or at all about our products or services because we are giving it our best shot.  However, if the truth must be told, there are several reasons that can make things go wrong. For one, the environment that we are constantly operating in regularly changes. Besides this, the needs as well as the wants of our customers, among others also changes as well.

Consequently, change, which is the critical word here, is central to addressing this issue. But it is hard for any business to keep pace with these different facets of change without coming to terms with customer complaint at one point or the other during the process of change. As you attempt to change, some or at least one of your customers will complaint. So what does this mean? Well, that you need to be prepared for complaints and how to respond to same.

Solve the problem
First of all, hearing your customer’s complaint about your product or service can sometimes be difficult for a business owner, especially one that has put in his/her very best. But you must realize that this is part of being in business.  And, to be prepared for this means that you need to be ready to solve this problem.

Now there are a number of ways that you can use to correct this problem. Therefore, possible options that you can use in order to win back an unsatisfied customer include the following:

  • Refunding the aggrieved customer
  • Offering to repair damaged item(s) at no cost to the consumer, or
  • Providing an exchange

You can think of other ways apart from the ones listed above that you can use to win aggrieved parties to your side. But this may require some level of bending over backwards.

Making things right
Complaints from your customer is not the best item to read on your site or anywhere else, it just provides a critical opportunity to learn and make things right. There are at least two ways to learn in life; from your own mistakes and that of others.

So be willing to learn from the complaints customers make whether it is your fault or not and address any issues that come up. Doing so will make you win your unsatisfied customers and reduce the spread of negative publicity that is possible through such clients when they go online about their bad experience with your business.

The benefits
Some of the benefits of handling complaints by your customers properly include the following:Customers will more likely make use of your services repeatedly and also purchase your future products. Singing praises of your business while doing so.

  • It will also help educate your customers about how your business works, which may ultimately reduce the number of complaints in the future
  • Likely make it easier for you to deal with such complaining customers in the future even when these customers are hard to deal with
  • It will also provide you with the good opportunity of impressing your clients with your high-sense of responsibility

Today, there are complaint sites that provide customers with the opportunity to voice out about what they do not like and so warn others about having the same experience with such businesses. Therefore, the onus lies on every business person to take the bull by the horns regarding this issue by facing it instead of running away from it.

About the Author
The article is submitted by Davis Miller. He is a self made business person and a passionate writer.  He has written many articles for the site http://www.optimove.com/

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